We know that ‘receptionist’ is not the right word for what these good & hardworking folks do in our place. But we have not been able to find a better job description (to say in a short & easy way). If you’ve got the answer, please let us know.

Tracey is a Hunterdon County girl, having been born and raised here. She resides on a farm with her husband and her horses. Tracey loves her horses, and she plans her life around them. We tell her she has too many of them (she does not listen). In order to care for them, she is up each and every day – nooo – she is up in the dark (with a head lamp & in all seasons) doing horse chores before daylight. Then, after her night/morning equine chores, she is here first thing each morning, bright & early, to open up our place – never, ever late & always even early.  

She is an accomplished equestrienne, having competed in dressage and event riding.

Tracey also loves her dogs. She has a small gaggle of dogs - again, we tell her she has too many, and again, she does not listen. She often/usually brings one or more of her dogs to work with her each morning.  They stay with her up front. And if you look closely at them – they are all similar and a bit funny looking. What is their issue, you wonder?  Well, she favors brachiocephalics – so they all have no noses!  

She spends a great deal of time (a great deal) with her horses, and she spends a great deal of time with her dogs. Lots of people talk the talk. Well, Tracey talks the talk, and she walks the walk.  Her dogs go on vacation with her – yes, and always.  In the office you might note that she often dresses them in costume, according to the holiday. Tracey is an accomplished fisherman (fisherwoman?), and believe it or not, she fishes in a canoe (hard enough on its a own), but also with at least one dog also in the canoe. And like this, she even catches fish!

There’s just not much other time left in her life. However, she has become a devoted daily runner (note daily), and she do a 5K.



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